A horseback journey through the Andes mountains of chilean patagonia.

Las Horquetas
Lago General Carrera, Región de Aysen. Chile.
7 Days total. 5 Mounted on horseback

140 km by horse

6 hours per day (moving average).

Outdoor cooking with fires.
Las Horquetas
Lago General Carrera, Región de Aysen. Chile.
The Journey
From Coyhaique, we''ll drive through Carretera Austral for five hours, among the most beautiful scenarios on earth.

There''s  a place where Los Andes mountains embraces General Carrera''s lake, one of biggest in the Continent. Icefields, sharped mountains, unexplored land...

Gathering the strong steps from a good horse, with the unique experience of being traveling among gaucho riders, crossing lenga forests, deserts and hi mountains.

Unimaginables views...

We can''t describe it, neither will you.
7 Days total. 5 Mounted on horseback

140 km by horse

6 hours per day (moving average).

Outdoor cooking with fires.
Las Horquetas
Lago General Carrera, Región de Aysen. Chile.
Las Horquetas
Lago General Carrera, Región de Aysen. Chile.
Las Horquetas
Lago General Carrera, Región de Aysen. Chile.
The routes are designed so as not to expose any client and / or personal Patagonia Riders Ltda to risk, and may be modified according to this difficulty or weather conditions.

Each of our guides has taken first aid courses and earned certificates. We always travel with a first aid kit while on excursion.

We always travel with a satellite telephone - IsatPhone Pro Inmarsat global coverage throughout Chile and GPS position.

We will always directly advise the Carabineros de Chile before each excursion, which is a retention of Puerto Aysen Guadal Prefecture.

Each expedition is recorded with the Carabineros de Chile, they will always have knowledge of those who travel us on excursion. They will know the start and end date of the expedition route in detail and how to proceed before a possible emergency.

At the end of each trip we will notify the police immediately, otherwise they will begin the process of a search and rescue mission for us.

For any accident, the Carabineros de Chile and / or special forces receive the location coordinates of the expedition and manage the rescue, land or air as appropriate and transfer to the nearest service center.

Each member of the party must sign a "Declaration unilateral release of responsibility", whereby states that participating in an activity that is potentially dangerous and harmful and is at your own risk.
Local Commitments
The love of nature. Part of our value lies in the scenery and natural beauty of the places visited, so that love and care of nature are central concerns of Patagonia Riders  Ltda.

The measurement of the Patagonia Rider’s direction aims to introduce and immerse the guest in the culture and way of life in Patagonia, Chile. For this exact reason the gauchos accompany us during our excursion. Just by talking with them for 10 minutes you will realize that their lives are full of amazing stories and insight. In addition to this, our clients will have the pleasure of wearing the classic “pioneras” (chaps) of the gauchos. Also, we’ll have time during the BBQ’s to personally speak with the local families who have grown up and lived their entire lives in the Patagonia environment . Basically, the assessment of the gaucho culture by customers and by the gauchos themselves is one of our main goals.

The incorporation of local communities in the business chain. We consider it essential to provide and add to the development of the area. So, we rent all of our horses directly from the local gauchos & families in the Mallin Grande sector. We also buy our food & beverages locally as often as possible from the families who live there. We usually purchase potatoes, bread, salads & lamb. Finally, all the equipment, reins, halters & chaps have been made by "artisans" of the area, which creates another small source of income.
Customer Commitments
Equipment and Service.

For those who are not familiar with horses, we will watch you constantly in order to achieve a substantial improvement in the quality of the rider & we want you to feel comfortable.

Our horses are born and raised in Patagonia, very acclimated to their surrounding environment and are very good tempered. 
- The equipment and tools that we use are in perfect condition, ensuring comfort for the horse, safety and strength in materials as well as proper adjustment to each rider.

Watching every moment of our animals, saddles, bridles, straps, hardware, ropes and food are central themes during the trip. The correct status of these is crucial to healthy horses with good disposition.

Concern & teaching about the flora, fauna, geography and climate make the trip a learning experience.

The ability to define in detail the menu, bbq program, meals and drinks and take care of every detail, are central concerns for Patagonia Riders. We want your experience to be personalized and exactly what you want.
Commitment to Environment
Patagonia Riders camps are completely removable. We do not alter in any way the environment or the ambience.

Part of our value lies in the scenery and natural beauty of the places visited so that love and care for nature are central concerns of Patagonia Riders Ltda. What we bring with us on the excursion stays with us until the end.

The kitchen in our expeditions is an "outdoor cooking fire." So, we have determined the firewood in advance using only fallen logs, which are chopped and sorted at the beginning of the season.

The sectors of fire for each night will be duly chosen, prioritizing above all the security and control of the flames. After each event, the fire will be shut down completely.
About Us
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Founder, Civil Engineer, explore new routes in Chile, love´s nature, horses, music and sports.
Domingo Eguiguren
Founder, Economist, explore new routes in Chile, love´s nature, horses, literature and sports.
Agustín Molina
Tourist Business Manager. Explore new routes in Chile, mountain specialist.
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